Additional Specialties


Although we truly believe that chiropractic care alone can positively change a person's life for the better, we also understand that if we partner this care with other aspects of healthcare, the end result can even be more incredible. For this reason the doctor can also work with your nutritional needs and can help place you on a regimen of supplements and herbs that will greatly enhance your health and well-being. The products carried in our office are superior quality, medical grade items that CANNOT be purchased anywhere but in a certified health specialist's office. They are made only from real foods and plants and are extremely affordable.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

Excess weight and/or obesity are issues that plague a great number of people. Unfortunately these same people suffer from excessive strain on their joints, are frequently on medications for high blood pressure or high cholesterol, are sometimes fighting adult onset (Type II) diabetes and are not able to easily exercise and enjoy all that life has to offer. For this reason Dr. Saul is now offering a physician assisted weight loss program. With this program you are supplied with 21 meals/week, nutritional supplements, physician guidance and weekly appointments to chart and discuss your progress. This program has an average weight loss of 3-7 lbs. per week and is more affordable than the other diet programs you are already familiar with.